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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance provides necessary protection for businesses, professionals, and commercial establishments. Commercial insurance is designed to protect a company’s assets. At William Orband, Inc. we realize that each business exposes itself to different risks, and our goal is to minimize the possible financial loss you may suffer from those risks. In order to properly protect you, we take the time to better understand your business’s needs and exposures before we guide you to the coverage amounts that might be appropriate. Contact us today to begin securing your business’s future.

Coverage Tips

Each business is unique and requires a thorough analysis of the protection you’re looking for.

Your policy should be written at replacement cost to ensure that when you suffer a loss, you’ll recover the amount that it would actually cost to replace/repair that damaged property.

As a business, liability claims can be abundant. We recommend a minimum liability protection of $300,000 to protect your business from those unexpected losses.

“Running a business is stressful. I needed an insurance agent who knows the ins and outs of the insurance business so that I wouldn’t need to worry about anything. This has allowed me to better focus on taking my business to the next level.”

– Adam S. – Binghamton, NY

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